SwiftStreamz App is Not Working [Fix]

SwiftStreamz app is a very popular app and has many users. Sometimes users occurred with some errors with swift Streamz as it not working properly. Here we are going to tell you some solutions to that problem. You can always use alternative apps of SwiftStreamz if you still face issues.

 Always Use the Latest Apk version App –

If you are using the older version of the app then you will have problems with it. You should set the auto-update option on. Just go to my apps and game section from Google play store and open the swiftstreamz app in the top right side you will find the auto-update option.

If you did not find the app you should check in the different trusted website it the update is available if so you can simply replace the apk file with the latest version

Check If your device is connected to the internet – 

If you persist problem that the swift streamz App is not working on your android tv or on firetv or any other devices you should make sure that your device is connected with a good internet connection.

To check the internet or wifi connectivity on your device simply go to the settings and then find the Network and Internet option in general settings. As you will open the Network and internet option you will find both wifi and internet connection status if they are connected or not. If not you can connect here and return to the home screen of your device. 

Now check if your device accessing the internet or not for that. You can open other apps if they were working then there would another problem with the ThopTv app.

Clear The Data of Google Play Service App – 

If you were facing a problem with the Swift Streamz app even after perfect internet connectivity then you should try the second option to solve the problem which is clearing the Data from the Google Service app. 

To clear this you need to go in the settings of your device and then go to the app settings. Under the Apps option, you will find the Google Play Service app click on it. Next, you will find some options to choose the Clear Data app from there and then click Ok. In the next window you would see more options like Manage Search Data, Manage Website Data and Clear All Data, just choose Clear All Data and then press Ok.

Now the Google Play Service app data has been cleared. Now open the swift streamz app and see if the problem solved.

Allow the permission and clear the cache memory –

The app requires some apk permission. Go to the Settings of your device and find the App setting. Now find the swift streamz app and click on it. You will find allow permission option there. Make sure to allow below permissions –

  • Access information about network
  • Open Network Socket
  • Write to external storage
  • Read from external storage

Second, always clean the cache memory of the app. When you click on the app under app settings you will find a clear cache option there. Simply click on that and the cache will be cleared.

Use a VPN –

VPN is the security aspect of your PC. It protects your device from viruses hit so that you can smoothly run your apps on your device.

There are many options for VPN you can choose the best suitable for you.

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